How To Work With Optional Questions

By sticking to the facts you’re going to be you know providing the most realistic picture of whatever the red flag was and then making sure that you explain how you overcame that and making making sure because it’s definitely critical do you end in a high note and that you make sure that there’s you know an increasing trend if it was a GPA or that you have some kind of positive resolution it is especially important and focusing on anything you did actively to bring that about would be especially helpful in addressing any red flags wait answer thank you sir ami asks a lot of these why us have no word limits how long is too long and is it bad to focus on one area or do we have to hit everything from programs to teaching styles to research opportunities. Read more on optional questions at Robotdon.

The best days are gonna be the ones that are authentic you definitely want to be genuine right you don’t want to be you’re running off a list of things from their website the more closely you can relate how it’s similar experiences that you’ve had has helped you become a better student or however you can personalize those responses to make it more meaningful and more authentic will be critical for the essays with no limit I understand those are really hard to approach it’s hard to know what what they’re looking for but I wouldn’t put in fluff because they’re gonna be able to go see fluff you know easily and you don’t want to provide too much information that’s going to make them want to disregard your your application or not interview you so you want to cover just the right amount of information that you’re being genuine that you’re covering what’s important to you but not too much that you’re adding fluff to just keep going so that you can impress them with the length of your essay so it’s really important that you you determine the length by how much you genuinely have to cover you don’t want to overdo it okay newish asks are optional questions ever optional when either given an optional question.

When you take the time to respond to it you’re going above and beyond and it’s really best especially if you really want an interview at the school it’s best to answer all essays unless it’s not relevant to you you know if it’s a question about if you are not in school this year tell us about your activities and if you are a student obviously right it doesn’t apply to you so those questions you don’t have to respond to but for the ones that are optional that you have enough information to cover I would recommend covering them here’s a good one from Jonathan how creative is too creative in terms of our rating I would imagine that reading all these essays our answers can get pretty boring it’s hard to give it an answer so good questions yeah yeah well you don’t want to put anyone to sleep you don’t want to be so straight to the point that you miss the opportunity to impress upon them your enthusiasm or how unique you are as an individual or an applicant.

Development And Academic Essay

Today we are going to talk about how to write an academic essay okay these are some basics for you high school college students all right one for an essay to be an essay it must have an academic essay structure we’re going to talk about that structure here in a moment first I’m going to list all of these concepts it cannot be an essay is not a poem it’s not a short story it’s not a business letter or a legal document there is a specific structure will get you here in a moment an essay must have a unifying principle and it must stick to that unifying principle this is the concept of unity the the point that controls the entire essay is called the thesis statement you must stick to that thesis statement.

To proving that thesis statement or the entire essay in each individual body paragraph there is a unifying point as well it is called a topic sentence you must stick to that a concept of the topic sentence for that particular paragraph the next concept is the concept of coherence this is about connecting ideas together so you must connect make a logical smooth connection from one sentence to another also you must have a smooth connection a logical connection from one paragraph to the next paragraph coherence the most important aspect of any essay is its development okay I’ll put a little star right there or hysterics for you just so that you know how important this is okay this is your proof all right you have a thesis that you want to stick to but the thesis does not prove itself in your body paragraphs you will develop them using a variety of techniques for example comparison and contrast cause-and-effect analogy narration okay these are ways to prove this provides evidence for your points okay.

Development this is the meat of the essay instructors professors look for a style in your work now since we’re talking about the academic essay ideally they are looking for a university level style what exactly does that mean of course I’m going to discuss that in more depth but I’ll give you a bit of it right now style the words that you choose the diction the rhythm of your sentences the length of your sentences the way you prove ideas the examples that you give those all contribute to this thing called style last point that is important for an academic essay is its clarity all right your ideas should be clear you must make sure that you edit your work for grammatical problems also you should be trying to make your sentences concise precise clearly understandable alright now these things are not working in this fashion first you have structures and bull currents all of this is working at the same time we’ll talk about each one of these concepts individually now but first please allow me to guzzle some water okay all right let’s go a little bit further into this concept.

Outline and Structure in Essay

If you aren’t sure about something call the institution talking about that you’re not gonna get admissions counselor who’s upset with you for calling them to get details about what their essay is really asking so please feel free to do that or send an email of a time you have a question you want to know where you’re going but with your essay before you start writing it you don’t want to be rushing in and you know get halfway to your fa and not really know where it’s going to be ending again a lot of times you’re telling a story or talking about something you know in your life or what your goals are if you get too far into it and you’ll even know where it’s going to end and say you only have a couple maybe 150 words left that the complete your essay. More articles about essay structure on Edusson.

You’re gonna get yourself into trouble so doing an outline and giving yourself a nice structure where you’re starting what the mills going to be and where your essay is going to end something you should be doing before you start running it figuring it out as you go can certainly be problematic I can get you eight the trouble and can have you you don’t be finished and look back at your essay and say this is not what I was looking for this not what I think is going to get me to school another thing that we want to focus on here is answering the question it’s very easy to get lost in your own writing what you really want to do is ask after each sentence ask yourself how is this helping me answer the question if you’re looking back and you see that you have all these questions all these sentences and the others really aren’t really getting you to completing the requirements on the essay some of the senses you’re gonna want it together now the answer is it’s not helping you in some question you want to get rid of that sentence or rewrite it or do something to get it out.

There many admissions questions are complex and are really a combination of questions when this is the case you certainly don’t need to touch on all aspects of the question if it’s asking you you know to tell you to talk about you know five potential different topics you don’t need to this way touching them all but focusing solely on one aspect can limit the effectiveness of your essay many questions will offer you potential avenues to consider discuss you know they don’t say you know you can talk about you know your past or your experiences in school or your experience and it’s cool in a club activity whatever it may be those are avenues for you to consider you don’t have to use these but they can certainly provide you with a good foundation or at the very least give you some ideas to get your brain going as you’re brainstorming.

Nighttime Is My Time (CLARK, MARY HIGGINS)

I miss her old writing style

Mary Higgins Clark sure doesn’t write them like she used to. I remember how suspenseful her first works were and truly miss that. One major problem that I find with this book, and has been the case for the last few, is that she has too many suspects and they are all someone the main character knows. I like the anonymity she once gave her “bad guys”. I never felt any suspense in this story, but I kept reading so I could find out which of the many suspicious characters was “the Owl”. The overall feel of this book has been the same in the last 3-4 books she has written. They definitely are not page-turners and don’t have me wishing I could sit and read more of the book. I have always been a Mary Higgins Clark fan and I guess I will continue to read her books, although they are not my top choice anymore. I keep hoping the next one will be where she finds her stride again.

rating: 4 out of 5

She’s baaaack!

First of all, I have to say I have been a Mary Higgins Clark fan ever since I read “Where Are the Children.” However, I have been somewhat disappointed with her last few books, especially the latest one. That was not the case with “Nighttime Is My Time.” I think Clark has returned to her old form with a vengeance in this book and it was a pleasure to read. I couldn’t put it down!

The story focuses on Jean Sheridan and a 20-year high school reunion she attends. Jean was one of a group of girls who sat together at lunch and who, at one time or another, made fun of a lonely high school student whose alter ego is “The Owl,” a homicidal maniac. All of the girls, except Jean and her friend, Laura, have died mysterious deaths, in the order in which they sat at the lunch table. Will Jean and Laura be next?

Throw into the mix two unsolved 20-year-old murders, an adopted daughter who doesn’t know her birth mother, a detective who has never given up on solving one of the murders, a large cast of suspects, and an audacious high school newspaper reporter named Jake Perkins, and you have a taut, exciting mystery that keeps you guessing until the very end the identity of “The Owl.”

Bravo, Mary Higgins Clark, for getting back to your original style. You won this reader back — in spades!

rating: 5 out of 5

Hoot, Hoot, Hoot says the Owl…….

This book was terrific. There are so many twists and turns that you did not know what to think. The fact that all the girls were friends and that Jeannie had a secret that she thought was safe. All the different personalities were set just right to keep the story alive. This book was a good page turner and had the suspense, action, drama and spicy ingredients to make you keep reading and not put the book down.
Mary Higgins Clark is definitely the true queen of suspense and drama. I can’t wait to see what the next novel will bring.

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Social Media Marketing Tips

This short article will explain to you how to efficiently market your organization by using this new advertising and marketing outlet. It’s not as hard as you may think it is.

Social media marketing may be an extremely daunting job, specifically if you are new
to the process. Realizing what to do and to avoid is a key for your success in
this region. The tips offered from the post under will help you to improve your
returning in your social media marketing plan.

To help a fresh company get accustomed to social networking advertising, you ought
to begin small. Getting started tiny provides you with the opportunity to
concentrate on the clients that happen to be looking to purchase the
merchandise you offer. You don’t want to market your site in a lot
of locations in the beginning since you need to know the things that work and
exactly what does not.

Ensure that your business social networking written content is enjoyable and intriguing to study. Those who embark on
social websites internet sites wish to feel motivated to express info that they
can discover. If they talk about your information, it can be to the company’s
benefit. This can be a great way to locate new clients and maintain the existing
versions coming back again to get more.

Social networking has become the driving a vehicle force from the Internet. The
an ability for customers of several sites to share related articles has made it
easy for information to get spread out faster than anyone might have perhaps
dreamed of. If you would like to promote through social websites, then check
the subsequent article for tips on suitable social websites advertising.

Remember that your user profile is more important in creating your reputation than you can imagine. Even though your merchandise does begin to offer quickly, your
online business is nevertheless tied to your social individuality. Most companies typically increase the job of sustaining an internet based reputation out to a third party once they can’t handle it themselves.

The interest in social websites marketing and advertising is an indication of the
occasions. Although classic web marketing techniques nevertheless take folks
good results, social media advertising is usually needed to keep your traffic
stats from dwindling. If you are uncertain where, to begin with social media
marketing, the following advice ought to be of support to you personally.

Create helpful written content by interviewing an authority in a thing related to your
product or service. Post your job interview on YouTube and talk about it on
social media marketing. Make sure you select an intriguing interviewee and ask
relevant queries.


Donuts fallen from Grace Part 2

Ah yes, coffee – the second reason of the donut’s downfall. Twenty years ago, if a person wanted a good cup of coffee, the donut shop was seen as the keeper of the bean. If a trucker needed a caffeine fix, the 24-hour Dunkin’ Donuts was the prime location.

Then Starbucks entered the equation. Starbucks, whose selection of scones, cakes and yes, even donuts can best be described with the phrase “(Sigh). Well…at least they tried”. Here in Seattle, Starbucks provides one or two selections made by the dependable Top Pot doughnuts, where they get equal billing with the “too-dry” scones and the “what-were-they-thinking”? cinnamon sticks. Outside of Seattle? *shrugs* It’s not a priority for them – at least not while they’re pimping their Banana Coconut Frappuccino Blended Coffee.

Banana and Coconut? In a coffee?


* * * * * *

I notice the sign above the entrance – “Sunrise Donuts”. Clearly here was a shop who knew what was going on with their donuts. Their sign was telling the world when the best time was for picking up their product.

And here was I, at their doorstep at six thirty in the “what-in-gods-name-am-I-doing-at-this-time-in-the” morning. I am a lucky person at times, because early morning is the best time to get great donuts. The reason? Early morning is when most donuts get made.

Krispy Kreme understands something that no one else seems to be able to grasp. Donuts (and bear claws, apple fritters and maple bars) are best within 30 minutes out of the oil. Their neon lights flashing “FRESH NOW” have clued people in world wide of the proper moment of donut bliss. Glazed or not glazed, a fresh donut from Krispy Kreme is a great donut. Too bad they don’t know how to balance their checkbook.

I leave “Sunrise Donuts” with a white bag containing an apple fritter and a donut glazed so fine that I swear I could see my reflection in it. I scurry on towards my workplace and set up a makeshift breakfast nook upon my workdesk. Along with a simple cup of drip coffee (with a bit of cream), I indulge in the fresh pastries. The Apple fritter is first up, and it tears easily into my mouth. The pastry is light and fluffy, and the glaze gives it an almost imperceptible crunch as it sweetens the homemade apple filling. Beneath all of this is the subtle hint of oil, which reminds me that this is a treat and not an everyday indulgence.

While eating the glazed donut, my mind concocts various punishments for the atrocities that Hostess and Little Debbie have foisted upon us. I decide upon having to force their various board of directors watch people enjoy freshly made donuts while all they have is their meager products. Oh, and if they put down their donut, we get to chuck it at them. I believe that’d be proper penance.

Donuts fallen from Grace

I leave for work at six in the what-in-gods-name-am-I-doing-at-this-time-in-the morning. It’s not a choice I make freely. If I wait any longer than that, my 35 minute commute expands exponentially as the morning drags on.

At the end of my drive, about a mile away from my workplace, sits an unobtrusive plaza, with an unobtrusive donut shop. The shop is so unobtrusive, that it took me several months to even notice it existed, and several more before I thought that it might be in my interest to see what wares they sell.

* * * * * *

Donuts and other related pastries such as apple fritters, bear claws and crullers are odd beasts. Much like cheese, sausage and a plethora of other examples, the tradition and taste of donuts has been blasphemed by the likes of Hostess, the bakeries of Safeway, Kroger’s and the countless other companies who feel the urge to wrap donuts in cellophane and allow them to sit in vending machines for months on end.

Located in a vending machine not 30 steps from my office is a package containing a “cinnamon roll”. It has been there since the new vending machine was put in place in late April. I can tell you, without opening this package, how it will taste. The icing, with its solid stark white color, will be overly sweet, designed to cover-up the fact that the pastry portion of the roll will be dense, dry and taste of styrofoam. Each bite taken from the roll will be a chore, with it taking up to 3 or 4 minutes to fully masticate the pastry to the point where I can even get it down my throat. Afterwards, each bite will sit like a stone deep within the recess of my stomach, painfully reminding me for the rest of the day that I had made an unwise eating decision.

I can make this guess on how this pastry will taste because 99% of every donut, maple bar, cinnamon roll, crueller, bear claw, danish or apple fritter made to sit upon a shelf for a period longer than two days tastes this way. A dense, stale donut is a bad donut.

The donut has earned its place in pop culture history. It’s iconic. Police are supposed to love them. Homer Simpson eats several a day. In the Route 66 of my imagination, I see one or two donut shops with 30 foot donuts placed above, alerting travelers on where to get their sugar buzz.

I have no evidence to prove this, but I think that this icon has seen better days. I don’t see as many donut shops as I used to. Outside of a business meeting or two I don’t hear of people eating donuts much anymore. Long ago, I can recall of special Saturday mornings where a dozen or so were brought home, now a donut is something that is purchased singularly, alongside the Caff Latte.

What Your Wine Choice Says About Your Personality

A common question during night outs or dinner outings is whether to have red or white wine. Every person has a preferred variety of drink. The type of wine that someone drinks can say a lot about his or her personality. Since human beings are complicated and mysterious creatures, they deserve a drink that suits them. Below is a look at what your wine choice says about your personality.


White Zinfandel


Since this wine has high alcohol content, it is ideal for those who live life to the fullest. A person who chooses White Zinfandel is a free spirit and adventurous soul. He or she enjoys lying on the beach during the day and dancing the night out under club lights. Such an individual is usually quite versatile, is always willing to take part in an adventure, and is inclined towards passionate liaisons.




For anyone who chooses Chardonnay, chances are that he or she has a brassy and bold personality, just like its flavor. Such a person orders it wine without even looking at other types because they know it is a safe choice. The chameleon is his or her spirit animal as it is possible to adapt to virtually any social situation. The person is always imagining new ideas and can convince friends to join him or her in any activity.




People who drink Merlot often think deeply about life and tend to reflect about it in between sips. The ideal way of spend a Friday night for such an individual is reading a good book while sipping some tea. At times, the person goes through old pictures on the phone or in photo albums just to relive old memories.


Wine Cooler


For a person whose choice of drink is a wine, he or she probably never experimented with good wine previously. Another likely scenario is that the individual still lives at home and tends to �steal’ his or her parents’ wine coolers from. While these wines may be the person’s specialty for now, it is advisable to try out other types in order to up the game.


Pinot Noir


Pinot Noir is the choice of clever and charming but complicated people. These are the type of individuals who, if granted a single wish, they would most likely ask for additional wishes. They follow their instincts and wouldn’t hesitate to splurge money so that they can have a good time.




Shiraz is for a person who happens to be the life of the party. Such a person has no qualms throwing caution to the wind and dancing on top of tables. He or she is a genuine free spirit who always tries new things without putting into consideration the consequences, and can handle anything that life throws at him or her.




People who take Riesling are nice and friendly people. Although they are genuine individuals, others find it difficult seeing through the pleasant visage to observe the real them. A person who chooses this wine offers great advice, and is always the first to help a friend in trouble. He or she loves listening to friends and supporting them.