Development And Academic Essay

Today we are going to talk about how to write an academic essay okay these are some basics for you high school college students all right one for an essay to be an essay it must have an academic essay structure we’re going to talk about that structure here in a moment first I’m going to list all of these concepts it cannot be an essay is not a poem it’s not a short story it’s not a business letter or a legal document there is a specific structure will get you here in a moment an essay must have a unifying principle and it must stick to that unifying principle this is the concept of unity the the point that controls the entire essay is called the thesis statement you must stick to that thesis statement.

To proving that thesis statement or the entire essay in each individual body paragraph there is a unifying point as well it is called a topic sentence you must stick to that a concept of the topic sentence for that particular paragraph the next concept is the concept of coherence this is about connecting ideas together so you must connect make a logical smooth connection from one sentence to another also you must have a smooth connection a logical connection from one paragraph to the next paragraph coherence the most important aspect of any essay is its development okay I’ll put a little star right there or hysterics for you just so that you know how important this is okay this is your proof all right you have a thesis that you want to stick to but the thesis does not prove itself in your body paragraphs you will develop them using a variety of techniques for example comparison and contrast cause-and-effect analogy narration okay these are ways to prove this provides evidence for your points okay.

Development this is the meat of the essay instructors professors look for a style in your work now since we’re talking about the academic essay ideally they are looking for a university level style what exactly does that mean of course I’m going to discuss that in more depth but I’ll give you a bit of it right now style the words that you choose the diction the rhythm of your sentences the length of your sentences the way you prove ideas the examples that you give those all contribute to this thing called style last point that is important for an academic essay is its clarity all right your ideas should be clear you must make sure that you edit your work for grammatical problems also you should be trying to make your sentences concise precise clearly understandable alright now these things are not working in this fashion first you have structures and bull currents all of this is working at the same time we’ll talk about each one of these concepts individually now but first please allow me to guzzle some water okay all right let’s go a little bit further into this concept.