How To Work With Optional Questions

By sticking to the facts you’re going to be you know providing the most realistic picture of whatever the red flag was and then making sure that you explain how you overcame that and making making sure because it’s definitely critical do you end in a high note and that you make sure that there’s you know an increasing trend if it was a GPA or that you have some kind of positive resolution it is especially important and focusing on anything you did actively to bring that about would be especially helpful in addressing any red flags wait answer thank you sir ami asks a lot of these why us have no word limits how long is too long and is it bad to focus on one area or do we have to hit everything from programs to teaching styles to research opportunities. Read more on optional questions at Robotdon.

The best days are gonna be the ones that are authentic you definitely want to be genuine right you don’t want to be you’re running off a list of things from their website the more closely you can relate how it’s similar experiences that you’ve had has helped you become a better student or however you can personalize those responses to make it more meaningful and more authentic will be critical for the essays with no limit I understand those are really hard to approach it’s hard to know what what they’re looking for but I wouldn’t put in fluff because they’re gonna be able to go see fluff you know easily and you don’t want to provide too much information that’s going to make them want to disregard your your application or not interview you so you want to cover just the right amount of information that you’re being genuine that you’re covering what’s important to you but not too much that you’re adding fluff to just keep going so that you can impress them with the length of your essay so it’s really important that you you determine the length by how much you genuinely have to cover you don’t want to overdo it okay newish asks are optional questions ever optional when either given an optional question.

When you take the time to respond to it you’re going above and beyond and it’s really best especially if you really want an interview at the school it’s best to answer all essays unless it’s not relevant to you you know if it’s a question about if you are not in school this year tell us about your activities and if you are a student obviously right it doesn’t apply to you so those questions you don’t have to respond to but for the ones that are optional that you have enough information to cover I would recommend covering them here’s a good one from Jonathan how creative is too creative in terms of our rating I would imagine that reading all these essays our answers can get pretty boring it’s hard to give it an answer so good questions yeah yeah well you don’t want to put anyone to sleep you don’t want to be so straight to the point that you miss the opportunity to impress upon them your enthusiasm or how unique you are as an individual or an applicant.